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The Office of Physical Education is responsible for the design and teaching of physical education courses, the sports competitions of teachers and students, and the management of sports facilities. Students are also encouraged to organize teams for intercollegiate competition or for intramural sports such as basketball, baseball, table tennis, tennis, soft tennis, badminton, soccer, volleyball, golf, taekwondo, fencing, billiard, judo, kendo, track & field and swimming.


In order to reflect the reform and change brought by the execution of the New College Law, August 1st, 1995, the Office of Physical Education was established as a first administrative unit in the college organization.In 1996, April 1st, the Physical Education Activities Section and Physical Education Instruction Section were established. Since August 1st, 1996, the Office of Physical Education was changed to an academic unit.



Office of the Dean
Physical Education Instruction and Activities Section


Council of Physical Education Office
Fund Raising Committee
Faculty Appraisal Committee
Teaching Assessment Committee
Curriculum Development Committee

Mission and Objective

  • Upgrade physical fitness to improve personal sport skills.
  • Join in exercise actively to form a habit of sports.
  • Cultivate sportsmanship to develop good social behavior.
  • Experience the fun of exercise to enrich the life quality.
  • Promote body and soul to build up the healthy well-being.


Tamkang University Hong Jianzhang Sports Memorial Scholarship Application Details

  • Subject: Teacher Hong Yaokun of the Sports Affairs Office set up this scholarship to commemorate his father, Mr. Hong Jianzhang, and to encourage the students of the school to attach importance to sports activities and cultivate sports talents.
  • Quota: One person per school year.
  • Amount: TWD 8000.
  • Application qualification:
Any member of the school’s sports representative who participates in the off-campus competition in the school year.
The academic achievement averages 70 points or more, and the performance is 80 points or more.
Prepare a letter of recommendation for the coach of the sports team.
  • Application date: The application will be accepted from May 1st to 30th of each school year. Please prepare relevant information to contact the business director of the Sports Office.
  • Application documents: application form, academic transcript, sports performance certificate and team coach recommendation letter.
  • Application documents: application form, academic transcript, sports performance certificate and team coach recommendation letter.
  • The members of the Sports Team Counselling Committee of the Sports Affairs Office are selected according to the following ranking criteria:

Sorting of events:
➢The official documentary signing of the sports activity group represents the highest priority for the school to participate in the junior college cup, league or national college games.
➢The national competition is second.

In the same level of competition, the winners of the open group are better than the winners of the general group.
➢The open group and the general group are ranked according to the level from high to low.
➢The same level is ranked by ranking.

When the above-mentioned scores are the same and are applied for the team members, the coaches of the team shall first sort.

If there is a dispute at the time of the election that cannot be reached, the members shall vote to decide.

  • This point was implemented after the approval of the Sports Team's Counselling Committee of the Sports Affairs Office.
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